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Ethiopian Airlines pilot untrained on Boeing 737 MAX 8 simulator: reports

Today 08:04 GMT

The captain of a doomed Ethiopian Airlines flight did not practice on a new simulator for the Boeing 737 MAX 8 before he died in a crash with 157 others, a pilot colleague said.

Pilot in Ethiopian Airlines crash asked in ‘panicky voice’ to return after takeoff, reports says. “I think that the differences between the 737 NG and the MAX were underplayed by Boeing,” said John Cox, an aviation safety consultant, former U.S. Airways pilot and former air safety chairman of the U.S. Airline Pilots Association.

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Doomed Boeing planes lacked two optional safety features – report

Today 08:05 GMT

Boeing reportedly sold the 737 Max planes that crashed in Indonesia and Ethiopia without two safety features that the US aircraft manufacturer offers airlines for an additional cost.

The two safety features in question were an “angle of attack indicator” and an “angle of attack disagree light”, both of which were not included in the aircraft by Boeing as standard safety features, according to a report in the New York Times.

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Exclusive: Ethiopian crash captain untrained on 737 MAX simulator

Today 08:04 GMT

The captain of a doomed Ethiopian Airlines flight was unable to practice on a new simulator for the Boeing 737 MAX 8 before he died in a crash with 157 others, a pilot colleague said.

In the Ethiopian crash, it was not clear if Yared’s colleague - First Officer Ahmednur Mohammed, 25, who also died in the crash - had practiced on the new MAX simulator. In both cases, the pilots lost control soon after take-off and fought a losing battle to stop their jets plunging down.

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Suspicion and strife strain Ethiopian plane crash probe

Today 07:00 GMT

Is leading a multi-party, multi-nation probe into what caused an Ethiopian Airlines flight to crash on March 10, killing all 157 people on board.

“The Ethiopian investigation body is very keen to keep a very, very closed circle around the investigation,” EASA Executive Director Patrick Ky told the European parliament on Monday.

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Boeing, FAA face more pressure from U.S. lawmakers over 737 MAX...

Today 02:25 GMT

Pressure mounted on Boeing Co in Washington as U.S. lawmakers called for executives to testify about two crashed 737 MAX jets, even as the world’s biggest planemaker worked to return the grounded fleet to the skies.

A Senate panel plans to schedule a hearing with Boeing at an unspecified date, officials said, the first time a U.S. congressional committee has called the company’s executives to appear for questioning over the crashes.

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Lenders and travelers stick with Ethiopian Airlines, for now

Wednesday 11:46 GMT

Financiers, passengers and industry partners are, for now, still backing Ethiopian Airlines’ quest to become Africa’s dominant carrier, despite a March 10 crash that killed 157 people.

For the present, however, passenger confidence in Ethiopian Airlines, long regarded as one of the most reliable in Africa, has remained steady, according to the company. Although crash inquiries focus on preventing future accidents rather than attributing liability, any findings that the carrier fell short in plane maintenance or piloting could be damaging.

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‘Our hearts are heavy’: Boeing CEO says company determined to improve safety of 737 MAX

Wednesday 01:30 GMT

The CEO of Boeing says the embattled aviation giant is doing everything it can to improve the safety of its 737 MAX aircraft in the wake of the Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air passenger jet crashes.

Canada urged to review aircraft certification agreement with U.S. following Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashes. On Wednesday, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg said the company was aware that “lives depend on the work we do” and that it was working feverishly to improve the safety of its aircraft. “Based on facts from the Lion Air Flight 610 accident and emerging data as it becomes available from the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 accident, we’re taking actions to fully ensure the safety of the 737 MAX,” Muilenburg said in a statement Monday evening.

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Source: Fox News

Boeing, FAA questioned about safety of 737 MAX safety system days before Ethiopian Airlines crash

Tuesday 15:25 GMT

The system that's been at the center of speculation in the Ethiopia crash investigation and the probe of the October crash of a Lion Air jet.

And, in the days after the crash, distinct similarities have been found between the Ethiopian Airlines crash and that of a Lion Air flight in October 2018, which left 189 people dead. Both planes with 737 MAXs  and used the MCAS safety system, which, in a bid to stop a flight from stalling above the clouds, pushes a plane's nose down if a safety sensor detects pushing the plane's nose up.

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Ethiopian crash crew's voices could unlock high-stakes Boeing inquiry

Wednesday 10:50 GMT

The voices of Captain Yared Getachew and First Officer Ahmednur Mohammed could reveal what led to the March 10 crash of the Boeing 737 MAX that has worrying parallels with another disaster involving the same model off Indonesia in October.

The investigation into the final minutes of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 turned on Tuesday to the secrets in the cockpit voice recorder as Boeing and a shaken global aviation industry hung on the outcome.

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Source: BBC

Boeing expects 737 Max fix by end of March

Wednesday 23:39 GMT

Boeing's Dennis Muilenburg, who is the chairman, president and chief executive of the company, said in an open letter: "Soon we'll release a software update and related pilot training for the 737 Max that will address concerns discovered in the aftermath of the Lion Air Flight 610 accident." He said the company had been working in "full co-operation" with the relevant authorities and regulators.

The airline had been expecting delivery of six new planes in March and April, but has been substituting different aircraft on the 737 Max routes.

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