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Revealed: Facebook enables ads to target users interested in 'vaccine controversies'


Facebook enables advertisers to promote content to nearly 900,000 people interested in “vaccine controversies”, the Guardian has found. Other groups of people that advertisers can pay to reach on Facebook include those interested in “Dr Tenpenny on Vaccines”, which refers to anti-vaccine activist Sherri Tenpenny, and “informed consent”, which is language that anti-vaccine propagandists have adopted to fight vaccination laws.

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Source: Global News

Court monitor determines QuadrigaCX’s inadvertent transfer due to ‘platform setting error’

Friday 21:50 GMT

The court-appointed monitor overseeing the search for the roughly $260 million owed to clients of the embattled QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency exchange says the bitcoin transfer it “inadvertently” made this month was due to a “platform setting error” that prompted the automatic transaction.

It had said that 103 bitcoins had been transferred out on Feb. 6.. “The Monitor understands from Management that the inadvertent transfer occurred due to a platform setting error by the Applicants that resulted in bitcoin being automatically transferred to the Quadriga cold wallets,” it said in the report.

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