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Source: New York Times

Audi Engineer Implicates Superiors in Diesel Case, Lawyer Says

Wednesday 21:55 GMT

A cloud of suspicion hanging over Volkswagen thickened on Monday after a lawyer for a jailed former engineer said his client implicated top managers of the German carmaker’s Audi luxury brand in a continuing diesel cheating scandal.

Mr. Pamio has told prosecutors in Munich that top Audi managers were aware as early as 2006 that vehicles made by the division could not meet American and European emissions standards, according to Walter Lechner, a defense attorney for the former Audi engineer.

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Source: BBC

Apple's 'hidden' job ad found online

Tuesday 09:59 GMT

"One of the most important skills as an engineer, and especially a cyber-security specialist, is a mindset that can solve problems," said Prof Alan Woodward from Surrey University.

Cyber-security reporter Zack Whittaker discovered it by chance while analysing some data being sent from iPhone apps - but he is not applying for the job. "As part of the stream of traffic I could see, it was connecting to this one URL - and there it was," he said.

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