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Behold: The Endangered Republican Act of 2017


In certain precincts of the right, it’s an active parlor game to trade accusations about who the real enemy of the Republican Party and the American people are.

It will cut them for corporations forever, gut the private health-insurance market while forcing $250 billion in Medicare cuts, and eliminate the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that everyone have health insurance, without which there is no such thing as affordable coverage for cancer survivors or others with pre-existing conditions.

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Endangered coffee crops in Uganda threaten families' livelihood

Friday 23:51 GMT

MOUNT ELGON, Uganda --  If you're topping off your holiday dinner with coffee, you may find this interesting: British scientists this week said three to four cups a day are likely to do more good for you than harm.

Anthony and Vincent Khabala's family have been growing coffee on their farm about 4,000 feet up the slopes of Mount Elgon for generations. Up here in the mountains of eastern Uganda, coffee is the most important thing they grow.

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