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Source: NBC News

New ad encourages Collins to vote 'no' on tax bill

Sunday 14:30 GMT

First up: Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, who has said that she has deep concerns about the Senate version of the bill, which would slash the corporate tax rate, make temporary changes to individual tax rates, eliminate a series of deductions for individuals and businesses, and end the Obamacare mandate that imposes a fine on people who don't buy health insurance.

Collins told NBC News' Chuck Todd this week that she believes it's a mistake to combine the tax bill with health care policy, and that she's particularly concerned that, for many Maine families, a rise in insurance premiums from the elimination of the mandate "more than cancels out" any benefit from cuts in tax rates. "I don't think it's a good idea from either a political or a policy perspective," Collins said.

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Source: The Week

Are birthday gifts bad for kids?

Tuesday 10:53 GMT

When I asked my son and daughter if they were willing to give up their birthday gifts to help kids less fortunate than them, they got sad and upset.

When I spoke to my children about giving up gifts for their birthday, they were quick to object to the "no gifts" idea, but very willing to donate some of their presents.

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