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Trump thanks federal workers awaiting paychecks, calling them 'great patriots,' as partial shutdown hits 30 days

Today 11:45 GMT

With hundreds of thousands of federal workers set to face another federal pay period without paychecks, President Trump thanked the “great patriots” for their service and dedication — 30 days into the partial government shutdown.

Trump tweeted Sunday night: “To all of the great people who are working so hard for your Country and not getting paid I say, THANK YOU - YOU ARE GREAT PATRIOTS! We must now work together, after decades of abuse, to finally fix the Humanitarian, Criminal & Drug Crisis at our Border.

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TSA employee callouts rise as partial shutdown enters another week

Today 15:25 GMT

TSA employees are among the 420,000 essential federal workers who are still working, despite not receiving a paycheck due to the shutdown.

The agency implemented a contingency plan at Baltimore Washington International Airport on Saturday due to “excessive callouts,” it said, closing a checkpoint until further notice. The TSA was created in November 2001, in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, when former President George W. Bush signed into law the Aviation and Transportation Security Act.

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How people are 'ghosting' their employers

Today 11:45 GMT

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She says her departure was in part linked to a realisation of how “insecure and fickle” relationships with employers could be. “I had colleagues who would go into an end-of-year review and never come back because they had been cut from the team.

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Americans are overconfident about retirement

Today 15:24 GMT

Buoyed by a sharp rise in stock prices that left many retirement savers feeling flush, the number of U.S. workers who say they’re confident about their ability to retire comfortably edged up last year, according to a sweeping new survey.

That’s my big takeaway from the 28th annual Retirement Confidence Survey, the country’s longest running look at the retirement prospects for workers and retirees.

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Krispy Kreme: The secret to getting the freshest doughnuts

Sunday 18:08 GMT

A room-temperature doughnut is tasty and all, but there’s really nothing quite like a hot and fresh Krispy Kreme doughnut.

Each Krispy Kreme generally makes glazed doughnuts twice a day: around opening time, and again in the p.m., says a Krispy Kreme customer service representative. The glazed doughnuts have a shelf life of just 12 hours, so bakers need to replenish them at some point.

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Employee Furloughs Virtually Shut Down Accident Inquiries and Other Work at NTSB

Sunday 17:14 GMT

Employee furloughs have forced the National Transportation Safety Board to suspend practically all accident investigations and continue to prevent officials from even determining whether future probes of specific crashes may be warranted, according to information released by the agency Friday.

Roughly 93% of the NTSB’s 397 employees are off the job as a result of the partial government shutdown, the data indicate, with a total of more than a dozen small plane crashes and railroad accidents left untouched that otherwise would have prompted on-site visits by NTSB staff.

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This furloughed worker found a unique way to make $2,000 a month during the shutdown

Saturday 13:34 GMT

Like many, Michael Mateos, a graphic designer and contractor for the federal government, is out of work because of the partial shutdown.

Although the artist said he’s happy to do work he loves, especially knowing it makes like-minded “Star Wars” fans happy, his hobby has also kept him from dwelling on the potential impact of a shutdown. At current prices, he could make up to $2,000 per month if he were to work most days.

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