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Source: BBC

UK steps towards zero-carbon economy

Today 10:51 GMT

"Those who speak so strongly of need to accept scientific evidence of climate change are happy to chuck the scientific evidence of the safety of shale gas exploration in the bin.

Ms Perry has declared this week to be Green GB Week, which aims to raise debate in society about how to tackle climate change while also growing the economy. "The question is: what does government need to do, where can the private sector come in, and what technologies will come through?"

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Source: Global News

‘Virtually impossible’ for Canada to cut emissions in half by 2030 to meet UN goals: experts

Saturday 10:50 GMT

A new UN report on climate change tasks Canada with reducing its carbon emissions by almost half in 12 years in order to prevent environmental catastrophe.

Here’s the difference in impact that 1.5 and 2 C of global warming will have on the planet. In order to prevent this, the global community needs to cut the amount of emissions released each year leading up to 2030 so that they don’t exceed 55 per cent more than what they were in 2010, it added.

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