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With 3,996 opioid deaths in 1 year, Canada hasn’t called a ‘public health emergency.’ Here’s why

Wednesday 14:31 GMT

MPs spent Monday night debating the best ways to tackle Canada’s opioid crisis in a series of exchanges that turned heated at times, as politicians talked solutions such as declaring a public health emergency or coming up with more funding for treatment beds.

NDP MP Don Davies noted that the minister called the opioid issue a crisis, but not a public health emergency under the Emergencies Act. Facing down questions from members, Petitpas Taylor talked about how the federal government is negotiating with provinces and territories to provide them with more funding to tackle the crisis.

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Source: Global News

Man helps woman in medical distress on United Airlines flight

Thursday 16:21 GMT

A former emergency medical technician is being praised for his quick response in helping a woman experiencing multiple seizures while on board a United Airlines flight on Sunday.

Video filmed on United Airlines flight 3466 captured a passenger assisting a woman as she was having a seizure on the Sunday evening flight, with the woman’s head rapidly moving back and forth as she shook in her seat. The passenger who helped was later identified as Anthony Marino, a former emergency medical technician from Phoenix, Ariz., who said he felt he was “in the right place at the right time.”

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2,066 Canadians died of opioid overdoses in the first half of 2018

Thursday 20:56 GMT

More than 2,000 Canadians died at the hands of the opioid crisis in the first half of 2018, according to new numbers released by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

That included $13.5 million to expand Health Canada’s Substance Use and Addictions Program, which doles out money to provinces, territories and other organizations to strengthen responses to substance use issues.

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To Expand Access to Emergency Contraception, Some Colleges Try Vending Machines

Monday 11:44 GMT

Some universities are installing vending machines where students can purchase emergency contraception, an effort to remove barriers to and anxiety surrounding products like Plan B.. Barnard College in New York said it would soon install a vending machine, months after Columbia University did.

Yale’s undergraduate student government initially expected to stock its vending machine with emergency contraception and other health-related items but learned this month that a Connecticut law bars it from vending over-the-counter drugs.

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