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Elite American soldiers, intelligence operatives hired to assassinate targets in Yemen in 2015: report

Thursday 10:52 GMT

A group of Americans who had been elite soldiers or intelligence operatives were paid tens of thousands of dollars by the United Arab Emirates to assassinate political leaders and Islamic clerics in Yemen in 2015, a new report says.

According to a BuzzFeed reported published Tuesday, the Delaware-incorporated Spear Operations Group recruited top veterans from the U.S. military after Spear was hired by the UAE to conduct a series of targeted killings for $1.5 million per month.

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Trial Shows Elite NCAA Basketball Stars Are Valuable, but Often Voiceless

Thursday 13:35 GMT

The trial is showing how the attention lavished on star recruits—from coaches, apparel companies and school compliance officers alike—can miss its mark, and in some cases backfire, landing the athlete in trouble.

Elite players are at the heart of a college-basketball corruption trial underway in Manhattan federal court, but evidence and testimony has shown just how little say these players often have over decisions that can make, or imperil, their careers.

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