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Winners Take All by Anand Giridharadas review – the elite cashing in on the status quo

Friday 08:05 GMT

Through these vignettes, Giridharadas depicts an elite he dubs MarketWorld, an international nexus of consultants and business people and centrist politicians who want “to change the world while also profiting from the status quo”.

Were I Anand Giridharadas’s publisher, I would broadcast that exchange as an advertisement for his latest book, in which he takes aim at his favourite targets. The elevation of business people to “leaders”, whose views somehow soar above self-interest; the nose-wrinkling dismissal of messy politics; the blimpish disregard for even recent history – all are present and shown as incorrect in Winners Take All.

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Source: The Guradian

Democratic party elites silence Ilhan Omar at their peril

Sunday 10:48 GMT

Both centered on freshman representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who, not coincidentally, came to America as a Somali refugee and is now one of the two first Muslim women in Congress.

On the Israel-Palestine conflict, it was Omar, more than her party elders, who represented the values of Democratic voters when she criticized the influence of money in politics and applied the point to America’s virtually unconditional support for Israel.

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Alysa Liu's remarkable rise: is 13 too young to be an elite athlete?

Today 16:20 GMT

Alysa Liu covered her face and cried as the results were announced at the US ladies figure skating championship in Detroit, Michigan, last month.

Liu had just won the national title at the age of 13, making her the youngest athlete to have done so, and with two triple axles no less. Her coach, Laura Lipetsky who has worked with her since she was five, hugged her.

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