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Source: The Guradian

Former Cambridge Analytica chief used N-word to describe Barbados PM


Alexander Nix, the former chief executive of the elections consultancy Cambridge Analytica, is facing fresh questions about his conduct after a leak of documents revealed he used a highly offensive racial slur to describe the prime minister of Barbados.

Nix had worked in the region previously for SCL Elections, a sister company of Cambridge Analytica, before both closed down earlier this year. New details around the firm’s work in the Caribbean – and the tactics it was prepared to use – have emerged from leaked emails and documents relating to SCL.

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Source: Washington Post

Crackdowns on potential voter fraud fuel worries about ballot access in November

Sunday 19:59 GMT

Nine months after President Trump was forced to dissolve a panel charged with investigating voter fraud, GOP officials across the country are cracking down on what they describe as threats to voting integrity — moves that critics see as attempts to keep some Americans from casting ballots in November’s elections.

The state found more than 11,000 instances in which a driver who obtained their license as a noncitizen also has registered to vote, but nearly 2,ooo did so after becoming naturalized citizens, according to Wanda Murren, a spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Department of State.

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Trump rallies in Kentucky after meeting with freed pastor Andrew Brunson

Sunday 19:59 GMT

Mr. Trump is traveling to Kentucky after meeting with pastor Andrew Brunson, who was imprisoned in Turkey for two years and released on Friday.

Mr. Trump is likely to focus much of his rally this evening on his administration's accomplishments, as well as exhortations to Republican voters to turn out in November. In recent rallies, Mr. Trump has encouraged voters to think of the midterm elections as a referendum on his presidency.

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