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Elected mayor at 23 in struggling Fall River, Jasiel F. Correia II had the makings of a rising star — until Thursday

Saturday 10:50 GMT

‘Kanye West is not Picasso,’ wrote Leonard Cohen in a ‘diss poem from beyond the grave’. Creator of notorious ‘Media Men’ list of anonymous sexual accusations is sued by writer who says it nearly ruined him. Master sommeliers stripped of coveted titles after cheating taints wine-tasting test

While still an undergraduate at Providence College, he was appointed to a seat on the city council in his hometown of Fall River, Mass., in 2013, and began attending meetings in between his political science classes.

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Conservative women are not 'gender traitors' – Don't compare us to 'sheep' because we voted for Trump

Saturday 19:05 GMT

More and more, women on the left are telling me and millions of women like me that to be “real” women we have to embrace the Democratic Party, hate President Trump, support abortion on demand, and believe that a woman must always be telling the truth when she accuses a man of sexual misconduct (unless that man is a Democrat, of course).

A New York Times op-ed written by Alexis Grenell and published last weekend declares that white women who support President Trump are Public Enemy No. 1.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte