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Source: Fox News

Mudslides, blinding snow slam California as series of storms begin to sack state

Wednesday 16:20 GMT

A series of storms will leave southern parts of the Golden State looking quite grey for most of the week, bringing the risk of mudslides in fire-devastated areas in California and heavy snow to mountain areas, according to forecasters.

The prolonged rainfall over areas impacted by wildfires in Southern California caused officials to urge residents to pack up and leave due to fears of mudslides. In Riverside County east of Los Angeles, voluntary evacuations were ordered Monday for a dozen areas around the Holy Fire, which swept through an enormous swath of the Cleveland National Forest and surrounding areas last August.

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Source: The Guradian

California storms threaten mudslides in communities hit by fires

Wednesday 20:00 GMT

A year after a mudslide swept through a fire-devastated California town, killing 21 people, residents of hundreds of homes in burn areas were told to pack up and leave as a Pacific storm threatened potential catastrophe.

In Santa Barbara county on the central coast, evacuation orders were set to take effect at 10am Tuesday for areas hit by the Sherpa, Whittier and Thomas fires. The evacuation was later downgraded to voluntary but authorities urged people to stay alert because of continuing rain forecasts.

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