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Eagles Super Bowl TD shouldn't have counted, ex-VP of officials says


One of the most dramatic plays of Super Bowl LII shouldn't have counted, according to former NFL vice president of officiating, Mike Pereira.

The Eagles are Super Bowl champions and a questionable missed call by one of the officials in the game isn't going to change that.

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Source: CBS News

A post-Super Bowl rush to cash in on "Philly Special"

Thursday 09:56 GMT

Some entrepreneurs are trying to score on the notoriety of the "Philly Special" -- one of the boldest trick plays in the 52-year history of the Super Bowl.

"Put another way, if you as a consumer came across this T-shirt, would you think Philly Special was the brand of apparel, or would you think the phrase Philly Special was celebrating that gusty, brilliant call perfectly executed by the Eagles? I'm going with latter, most definitely."

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‘Why would they even make us play’ Basketball players still coping after Fla. school shooting.

Sunday 04:15 GMT

Tocarra Williams, the Cypress Bay High School girls’ basketball coach, took a deep breath, put her phone away and walked into the gym around 3 p.m. Wednesday.

On her way to practice around 2:30 p.m., a friend watching the news sent her a text that there had been a shooting at Douglas. The Florida 9A regional semifinal, this time at Cypress Bay, was supposed to be the Lightning’s chance for revenge.

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The Forgotten Founding Father

Sunday 13:35 GMT

The Marshall Plan and a new course for the West; The horse and civilization; How America remade its rivers; The famous Martin Amis; and more.

Raised on an Idaho mountain by survivalists who kept her out of school, the author went on to earn a Ph.D. at Cambridge. Raised on an Idaho mountain by survivalists who kept her out of school, the author went on to earn a Ph.D. at Cambridge.

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Jennifer Lawrence slammed for rudeness toward BAFTA host Joanna Lumley

Monday 17:16 GMT

Jennifer Lawrence was slammed for a comment she made to host Joanna Lumley at the British American Film and Television Awards.

British actress and "Ab Fab" star Joanna Lumley made her hosting debut, taking over the duties from veteran host Stephen Fry for the first time in 12 years.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte