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Can anyone believe what Duterte says?

Friday 21:53 GMT

When politicians can say everything and mean nothing, trash-talking strongmen like Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte are the result.

On whether Duterte had killed people, as Duterte himself has boasted of, Panelo told Tim Sebastian: "Yes, but out of self-defense.

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Inflation Weakens Support for Government of Philippine Strongman Duterte

Today 11:46 GMT

The highest inflation in almost a decade is eating away at support for President Rodrigo Duterte’s government and forcing sacrifices to his flagship economic agenda.

On Sunday Mr. Duterte’s finance chief announced suspension of a fuel-tax increase scheduled for January, an important source of funding for Mr. Duterte’s $166 billion infrastructure vision. “This course of action will help anchor inflation expectations for the coming year, allow the public to manage their finances better, and disallow hoarders and profiteers from taking advantage of the situation,” Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez said.

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