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Source: BBC

Drone no-fly zone near airports extended

Today 09:54 GMT

The no-fly zone for drones around airports is to be extended following the disruption at Gatwick in December, the government says.

"Despite a reward of £50,000 for public information leading police to the person or persons responsible, we have not received the critical information that we believed exists within the community."

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Source: Fox News

Navy makes next two Ford-class aircraft carriers 'more lethal'

Today 07:00 GMT

The Navy is making lethality enhancing “modifications” to its next several new Ford-class aircraft carriers, to include integrated “digital shipbuilding” and weapons-oriented adjustments intended to further increase overall aircraft carrier combat effectiveness.

The initiatives, according to Navy statements, involve specific aircraft carrier modifications intended to, among other things, improve the maritime warfighting potential of the soon-to-arrive F-35C and MQ-25 Stingray drone aerial refueler.

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Source: The Guradian

Drones and big data: the next frontier in the fight against wildlife extinction

Monday 23:39 GMT

The World Wildlife Fund for Nature estimates that up to five living species on earth become extinct every day, making it vital that universities develop new technologies to capture the data that can persuade those in power to act.

Speakers underlined how technology can help conservation efforts: fixed-wing drones can land on water and circle high above the Indian Ocean to spot whales, rays and illegal fishing, while artificial intelligence-enabled infrared cameras are able to identify members of an individual species or human poachers, even through thick environmental cover.

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