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Source: Washington Post

‘Third World conditions’: Many of Canada’s indigenous people can’t drink the water at home

Today 20:02 GMT

Despite the fact that Canada has the world’s third-largest supply of fresh water, water on indigenous reserves has for decades been contaminated with various chemicals or bacteria, tough to access or at risk because of broken-down water systems that can take years to fix.

The commitment, part of a raft of pledges designed to bring about reconciliation with Canada’s indigenous people, has not been easy to address, and chiefs and others worry that a combination of red tape, undertrained operators at water treatment plants and insufficient funding means that progress will be sporadic.

1 Article
Source: Washington Post

All we know about the White House portrait of Trump drinking Diet Coke with Abraham Lincoln

Today 15:27 GMT

Previously spotted in D.C. gift shops and jigsaw puzzle boxes, a fantasy print of President Trump entertaining Abraham Lincoln while every other Republican president in history watches now hangs outside the Oval Office.

The portrait was shown hanging in Trump’s personal dining room during his “60 Minutes” interview Sunday, and the freeze frame instantly went viral, baffling people with questions such as:. How did the painting get to the White House?

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