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What does it meme The rise and rise of the fashion viral

Saturday 11:44 GMT

Accounts such as @freddiemade and @siduations are probably the best examples of fashion meme makers, with both using a sort of cut-and-paste recontextualisation method.

If you use social media, you will have seen a meme on Instagram or laughed at one on Facebook, even if you don’t really know what it is. This is forgivable – it has become amorphous as a term – but the original concept dates back to 1976, when the word was coined by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene.

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Oscars: the secrets of the Hollywood stylist

Today 06:03 GMT

In spite of having had only a fortnight’s notice that Paltrow would be appearing, 53-year-old Saltzman, her longtime stylist, had found her client the perfect dress.

Saltzman, a New York native who has lived in London for 18 years (but still works half her time in Los Angeles), stylist to A-listers including Saoirse Ronan, Uma Thurman and Lily Aldridge along with Paltrow, doesn’t “do drama”. “You frequently have to sew them back into a dress, or cut off the train because they’ve stepped through it, but there’s always a fix, and the world will never know,” she says.

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Woman claims ex-boyfriend gave her dress to his mom after they split, and how she's 'wearing it on nights out'

Saturday 15:25 GMT

Even worse, the woman claims that the bold mom has happily accepted the tight frock into her wardrobe, and shared photos of herself in the garment to social media during nights out on the town.

“I shagged someone and left my dress round there, now there mums [sic] started wearing it on nights out, confused,” the 21-year-old wrote online. TIM TEBOW REVEALS HIS ELABORATE PROPOSAL TO FORMER MISS UNIVERSE: 'SHE'S MY UNIVERSE'. According to The Sun, Haines had a brief fling in 2017 with Sam Eastwood, and left the party dress behind at his house.

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Aziz Ansari addresses sexual misconduct allegations for first time

Thursday 16:20 GMT

Aziz Ansari said at a standup show Monday in New York that a sexual misconduct allegation was humiliating, but he hopes he’s become better since.

READ MORE: Aziz Ansari responds to sexual misconduct allegation: ‘I took her words to heart’. Vulture reports that Ansari told a crowd of about 200 at the Village Underground that it was a “terrifying” topic that made him feel “upset and humiliated and embarrassed,” and that ultimately he “just felt terrible this person felt this way.” “But you know, after a year, how I feel about it is, I hope it was a step forward,” Ansari told the crowd.

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Date dressing: how fashion in the age of MeToo redefined sex appeal

Friday 06:04 GMT

Sex appeal will always be an integral part of fashion, even if sexy has become a less straightforward compliment after MeToo.

While other cities have reacted to the new climate by shying away from the idea of sex altogether, designers Christopher Kane and Michael Halpern are among those tackling the new rules of sexy dressing head-on, and reaching for a new body-positive, female-first way to talk about sex on the catwalk.

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