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Source: New York Times

Review: ‘Is God Is’ Reinvents the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Today 05:09 GMT

It feels most appropriate that for this vital company’s return to its comfortably restored home, “Is God Is” sees fit to bring down the house — literally — once again.

The title of the gratifying, lurid new play by Aleshea Harris, which opened on Sunday night at the newly renovated Soho Rep Theater, is “Is God Is.” And while that might sound a tad ontological for fans of pulp fictions with high body counts, rest assured that the God invoked here is definitely one of vengeance.

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Source: BBC

The double amputee refusing to quit racing

Today 01:30 GMT

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Billy is now back racing in single-seater vehicles and is hoping to get enough sponsorship to earn a place in Formula 3 this year. "I really enjoyed getting to know Lewis personally, telling him about my interests and what I wanted to do, he was fully supportive," he says.

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Source: CBS News

Twin brothers charged in NYC terror investigation

Saturday 01:32 GMT

De Blasio and O'Neill said while only preliminary information could be released Thursday night, it was believed that all those involved in the bomb-making plot had been apprehended and there was no threat to New York City.

NEW YORK -- - A former New York City high school teacher has been accused of paying students to dismantle fireworks for gunpowder so he could eventually make a bomb. Christian Toro was charged in a federal complaint Thursday with offenses including unlawfully making an explosive.

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