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Preventable deaths The story of Grenfell Tower flat 113

Today 05:09 GMT

This is the story of one flat on the 14th floor of Grenfell Tower - flat 113 - and the eight people who sheltered there on the night of the fire.

Information that residents were trapped on the 14th floor was passed to firefighters at Grenfell Tower at 01:44, but even though Denis Murphy and Rosemary Oyewole had given their flat numbers, these were not recorded. Neither was information passed on to say how many people were trapped, how old they were, whether there were any children, and whether they would have difficulty escaping unaided.

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Source: The Guradian

Intimacy, awe and a salute to Gazza: Spurs throw open doors to new home

Monday 22:44 GMT

It is not just that the ground stands on the site of the club’s home since 1899 and the seats are in the same dark shade of blue; the lettering on the electronic boards around the perimeter are still the same and there are other little similarities.

Spurs have worked to set a new standard for the matchgoing fan – and not just the corporates – to offer a richer, all-round experience. The stadium has an open-plan feel, in which every spectator can explore all areas – apart from the away enclosure – by walking around the concourses between sections.

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