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Source: NBC News

World's richest can learn from 'poorest of the poor,' Trump Jr. says

Today 01:32 GMT

Poverty-stricken people in India could teach some of the world's richest a lesson, Donald Trump Jr. said during a visit to the country to help sell luxury apartments featuring his family’s name.

A luxury complex with the Trump name is already open in the central city of Pune, with other developments in varying stages of construction in the coastal cities of Mumbai and Kolkata, and two in a chrome-and-glass New Delhi suburb, Gurgaon.

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Source: CBS News

Donald Trump Jr. in India to lure luxury apartment buyers in New Delhi

Today 03:21 GMT

The ads, which have run repeatedly in the past few days, herald the arrival not of the American president but of his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., who is in New Delhi to sell luxury apartments and lavish attention on wealthy Indians who have already bought units in a Trump-branded development outside the Indian capital.

While the projects that Trump Jr. is promoting in India were inked before his father was elected, ethics experts have long seen the use of the Trump name to promote even existing business ventures as tricky territory.

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Source: New York Times

President or Luxury Towers: Either Way, Trump Is the Rage in India

Sunday 23:40 GMT

When the Trump family jet lands in India this week, the family member taking a tour of the world’s largest democracy — with a Secret Service detail in tow — won’t be the president on a diplomatic mission.

“I have always had a deep admiration for your country and for its people, and a profound appreciation for your rich culture, heritage and traditions,” President Trump said in June during a state visit by Prime Minister Modi, one of many such words of praise for India he has offered in the last year.

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