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How daylight-saving time could impact how you decision-making

Wednesday 09:55 GMT

The authors cited the day after daylight-saving time, which compelled Americans to set their clocks forward and “lose” an hour this past weekend, as one instance of increased sleepiness during the daytime.

They measured “variety seeking” by the number of Universal Product Codes (UPCs), which are used to identify products, and zeroed in on a 2007 policy change that set daylight-saving time to begin on the second Sunday of March. “We wanted to see how this would play out in the real world, and through the study we’re seeing that you tend to buy more different types of candy bars, for example, on the day after daylight savings time than you would on other days of the week,” study co-author Charles Weinberg, a professor of marketing and behavioral science at the University of British Columbia, said in a statement.

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Companies warned 'you lack senior women'

Friday 23:39 GMT

Other companies on the list that only have one woman on their board include St James's Place, 888 Holdings, Just Group, Acacia Mining, Stobart, Restaurant Group and Softcat, among others.

Sir Philip Hampton, who chairs the review, said the fact that companies had failed to bring women into board rooms and into leadership positions "does not reflect the population of very talented women capable of making great contributions in boardrooms".

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