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Source: BBC

'New' apple and pear varieties found

Thursday 06:03 GMT

"We hoped to find some unique varieties, but we didn't envisage that there would be so many varieties of cider apple and perry pear that have only been found in Wales."

Juice from 29 of the fruit trees is being fermented in single-variety taste trials and findings will be shared in the society's database for cider and perry makers to consider using.

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Source: Fox News

Lion Air flight's cockpit voice recorder recovered by Indonesia Navy divers: 'This is good news'

Tuesday 09:54 GMT

The “black box” cockpit voice recorder from the Lion Air jet that nosedived into the Java Sea killing some 198 people in October was discovered by Indonesian Navy divers, officials revealed Monday.

Lt. Col. Agung Nugroho, a spokesman for Indonesia navy’s western fleet, said the divers using high-tech equipment to uncover the voice recorder beneath 26 feet of seabed mud. The bright orange device was transported to a port in Jakarta, where it was handed over to the National Transportation Safety Committee, which is overseeing the accident investigation.

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