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Source: Washington Post

Paul Manafort to be sentenced Feb. 8 in federal court in Virginia

Saturday 10:50 GMT

Paul Manafort, President Trump’s onetime campaign chairman, is set to be sentenced Feb. 8 in Alexandria federal court on eight bank and tax fraud crimes.

The jury in Virginia found hid the money he made to avoid paying taxes and then lied to get loans when the political party collapsed and his funding dried up.

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Source: CBS News

Texas poised to elect its first two Latina congresswomen

Friday 08:05 GMT

At a tender age, Sylvia Garcia picked cotton and hacked hay in the fields of south Texas to help her low-income family make ends meet.

Although Texas has long been home to the second-largest Hispanic electorate in the nation, its voters have never elected a Latina to serve in either chamber of Congress. Clarissa Martínez-de-Castro, Deputy Vice President of UnidosUS, a leading Latino advocacy group, believes both Democrats and Republicans have done a lackluster job fielding and nurturing diverse candidates, including Latinas, to run for federal office in the state.

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