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How to Talk With an Aging Parent About Long-Term Care

Tuesday 09:55 GMT

Many people view the possibility of needing long-term care as a fate worse than death, and try to deny, resist, postpone or denigrate the idea.

It’s frustrating and even heartbreaking when these attitudes persist and block you from finding the care that a parent or loved one needs. Simply raising the topic can be hard enough, especially in a role-reversal, when a child needs to assume a caregiving role for a parent.

1 Article
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Tammy Bruce: 'Easter worshipers' How the language of the left avoids real discussion of terror

Today 06:04 GMT

That would’ve been strange enough, but they chose instead to use the same odd euphemism for Christians, specifically “Easter worshipers.“

A number of high-profile Democrats apparently received the memo and suddenly House members, a governor, and a Democratic candidate for president were tweeting their condolences for the “Easter worshipers.” This new euphemism for Christians wasn’t happenstance or limited to Obama and Clinton.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte