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Climate change has an unlikely beneficiary: the US small business administration

Sunday 23:41 GMT

No one will want to admit it, but that will certainly help McMahon and her successors when they find themselves arguing for more dollars from Congress.

In its last fiscal year, the administration issued more than $7bn in direct loans to small businesses, non-profits, homeowners and renters affected by hurricanes, floods, droughts, tornadoes and other natural disasters around the country. Just last week, for example, the agency announced that it will issue about $1bn in loans as part of the recovery from Hurricane Florence, according to one report.

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Source: DW

World Bank offers financial assistance to disaster-hit Indonesia

Sunday 23:41 GMT

Some of the World Bank loan would be directed towards 150,000 families affected by the earthquakes and tsunami that hit Lombok and Sulawesi islands.

The World Bank announced Sunday it would provide up to $1 billion (€860 million) in loans to the Indonesian government to help relief and reconstruction efforts in areas hit by recent earthquakes and a tsunami.

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