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U.S. Oil Prices Down Almost 40% From High

Today 10:50 GMT

Oil prices fell to their lowest levels in over a year Tuesday, continuing a precipitous decline spurred by economic uncertainty and growing global supplies.

Even as prices have dropped, some analysts say that U.S. companies will continue to pump out oil to maximize profits and pay down debt. Mr. Kung said while he expects prices to be supported by steady demand and the OPEC agreement that goes into effect next year, supplies could climb further in the short term as a result of recent record high output from several producers.

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Micron stock is plunging, but executives stick to the script

Today 07:00 GMT

Memory-chip giant Micron Technology Inc. surprised investors with a sharply lower outlook and big cuts in its capital spending Tuesday, actions that speak much louder than executives’ words that everything will be fine in a few months.

Micron reported fiscal first-quarter revenue that was below expectations and a revenue outlook for the fiscal second quarter that was more than $1 billion lower than estimates.

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Lift-and-Shift Cloud Strategies Can Be Costly

Today 07:00 GMT

Companies that migrate workloads “as-is” to the cloud – a strategy known as lift and shift – run the risk of losing most, or even all, of the hoped-for savings of winding down costly on-premise data centers, Bain & Co. reports.

Among top lessons learned from cloud migration, firms said they would spend more time on applications assessment, the study found.

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Tesla Demand Could Pull Back in 2019, Goldman Says

Today 07:00 GMT

The looming phaseout of federal tax credits could pull demand forward, hurting next year’s sales, analyst David Tamberrino warns.

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Micron Cuts Plans for Spending, Chip Production

Today 08:04 GMT

Micron cut its full-year spending plans by about $1.25 billion and pledged to reduce production of chips used in everything from cars to smartphones to data centers as a result of weaker-than-expected demand from customers.

Micron Technology Inc.’s MU 0.68% profit rose 23% in the most recent period but the memory-chip maker’s stock sank late Tuesday after the company gave a more tepid outlook for earnings and capital spending.

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Jeremy Corbyn demands vote of no confidence in Theresa May

Tuesday 18:10 GMT

The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has demanded that the prime minister give MPs the opportunity to vote on whether or not they have confidence in her after she delayed the showdown on her Brexit deal to January.

While the government is not obliged to schedule a confidence vote before Christmas, the Labour leader said a refusal to do so would demonstrate that she was unable to command the confidence of the House of Commons.

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Here’s what we know about the wave of emailed bomb threats demanding bitcoin

Sunday 18:08 GMT

On Thursday, hundreds of businesses, government offices and schools in Canada, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong received emailed bomb threats demanding payment in cryptocurrency.

READ MORE: Bomb threats demanding bitcoin hit Australia, New Zealand; police call it a ‘scam’. Goodale said experts in three continents have already begun analyzing Thursday’s threats for potential lessons.

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PIP breast implant scandal: Victims demand compensation

Monday 20:01 GMT

Send Facebook Twitter google+ Whatsapp Tumblr linkedin stumble Digg reddit Newsvine. "This leaking, disgusting mass is what went into me," she uttered while holding them above her bathroom sink. "It's toxic, industrial chemicals.

"It means a lot to me to be here today — to be strong and not to be that weak mess that I became because of PIP," the amateur bodybuilder tells DW while lifting weights in a gym near London.

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