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RB Leipzig face fundamental dilemma as fans demand dialogue

Today 08:04 GMT

The fans' demands for an open dialogue pose a fundamental dilemma for the club since the unique structure of RB Leipzig doesn't appear to allow it.

Most importantly in Leipzig itself, Red Bull promised and provided football which was accessible for all; a break from the never-ending spiral of insolvencies and extremism which had condemned the city's traditional clubs, Lokomotive Leipzig and Chemie Leipzig, to the amateur leagues.

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Source: BBC

India demands sanctions after Kashmir blast

Today 04:14 GMT

India has called for sanctions against the Jaish-e-Mohammad militant group it says carried out Thursday's suicide attack in Indian-administered Kashmir.

India and Pakistan have fought three wars and a limited conflict since independence from Britain in 1947 - all but one were over Kashmir. Started by cleric Masood Azhar in 2000, the group has been blamed for attacks on Indian soil in the past, including one in 2001 on the parliament in Delhi which took India and Pakistan to the brink of war.

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Here’s Some Good Apple iPhone News, but There’s a Catch

Friday 15:26 GMT

That could be good news for Apple (ticker: AAPL) investors, though it doesn’t address demand issues in China that have been a major concern this year.

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Kenyan rights groups demand clarity over activist's death

Thursday 18:10 GMT

Not everyone beleives the police's version of events, and as a local rights campaigner, Mwatha's disappearance immediately raised alarm bells in human rights circles.

Both the rights groups and the authorities have in recent years made efforts to cooperate, setting up community meetings with police representatives and IPOA, a  watchdog that is charged with investigating possible cases of police violence.

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Source: Global News

Demand for French immersion grows as spots shrink. Here’s what’s happening

Thursday 20:55 GMT

The demand for French immersion schooling is growing across Canada, as parents hope to give their child a leg up with a second language.

Vernon parents line up overnight to secure their children a spot in French immersion. In January, dozens of parents in Vernon, B.C., spent a chilly night outside lining up outside a French immersion school in order to ensure their child got a spot. Many prepared to camp out with chairs, sleeping bags, tents, and campfires, hoping to get on the French immersion list.

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Source: Fox News

Top GOP rep demands answers after Dems hire anti-Trump investigators for Judiciary Committee

Thursday 22:45 GMT

The top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee is demanding to know why the panel's Democratic leadership made the "costly" and "unusual" decision this week to hire two prominent anti-Trump consultants to conduct a purportedly impartial investigation of the the White House.

Berke, a litigation partner at the international law firm Kramer Levin, is based in New York City, and will commute four days per week to work for the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee.

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Source: The Guradian

Bavaria campaigners abuzz as bees petition forces farming changes

Friday 05:09 GMT

A petition in Bavaria on preserving species diversity, popularly known as the “save the bees” campaign, has garnered sufficient support to enforce significant changes to the state’s farming practices.

She said she and her colleagues would stick to the demands laid out in the petition, which had been compiled after extensive consultation with scientists and lawyers, calling them the minimum required to reverse the damaging effects of intensive farming and global warming.

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