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Source: The Guradian

No long Brexit delay without election of British MEPs, says leaked paper

Saturday 20:53 GMT

Brussels will have to terminate the UK’s extended membership of the European Union on 1 July if elections for British MEPs have not been held, a leaked legal document reveals.

A three-month delay to Brexit beyond 29 March will not carry any conditions, but anything longer than that requires Britain to have taken part in European parliamentary elections, ambassadors have been told. EU law does not stand in the way of multiple extensions to the UK’s membership if requested, the document says.

6 Articles
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British PM Theresa May has requested a three-month delay for Brexit. What’s next?

Today 08:05 GMT

With just nine days to go until Brexit day, Prime Minister Theresa May has asked the European Union to postpone Britain’s departure from the European Union until June 30.

British PM Theresa May asks to delay Brexit until June 30, denies plans for 2nd referendum. The leaders of the EU’s remaining countries are likely to give approve an extension in principle, then wait to see if May can get her deal through the House of Commons next week.

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