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EU likely to delay Brexit until EU elections in May

Today 08:04 GMT

Leaders of EU states are willing to push the Brexit date to May 22, just ahead of European elections, according to a draft statement.

EU leaders are considering an extension on Brexit after meeting with UK Prime Minister Theresa May in Brussels on Thursday, which would give May more time to break the political impasse in London. This still hinges on the UK Parliament accepting Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement.

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Macron: UK heading for no-deal Brexit if MPs reject May's plan

Today 08:05 GMT

Emmanuel Macron has warned that Britain is heading for a no-deal Brexit unless the House of Commons ratifies the withdrawal agreement negotiated with Brussels.

The stark choice for MPs was laid out by the French president shortly before the 27 EU heads of state and government listen to an appeal by Theresa May for a three-month Brexit delay. Emmanuel Macron has warned that Britain is heading for a no-deal Brexit unless the House of Commons ratifies the withdrawal agreement negotiated with Brussels.

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EU considers potential Brexit delay

Today 08:05 GMT

The UK could be offered a Brexit delay to 22 May on the condition MPs approve the PM's deal next week, a draft European Council document says.

EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said that a short Brexit delay "should be conditional on a positive vote next week in the House of Commons". And it's essential to be clear in these days and moments," said Mr Macron as he arrived at the summit.

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May in Brussels to urge short Brexit delay

Today 02:25 GMT

Theresa May will make a direct plea to EU leaders later asking to postpone Brexit for three months, hours after telling the British public a delay was "a matter of great personal regret".

Mrs May met opposition leaders before her speech on Wednesday evening to discuss a Brexit delay, but sources told the BBC that Mr Corbyn walked out and other leaders remained unimpressed with what they heard.

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Theresa May pushes for Brexit delay as EU leaders urge Britain to come up with a plan

Wednesday 11:46 GMT

Prime Minister Theresa May will ask the European Union to delay Brexit by at least three months after her plan to hold another vote this week on her twice-defeated divorce deal was thrown into disarray by a surprise intervention from the speaker of parliament.

In addition to regulating the terms of departure, May’s deal promises to take Britain out of the EU single market and customs union, common fisheries and farm policies and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice at the end of a status-quo period in which new trade arrangements would be agreed.

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Budget delay looms, opposition vows action after Liberals drop SNC-Lavalin study

Wednesday 17:16 GMT

The Parliamentary Justice Committee has ended its study on the SNC-Lavalin issue with what NDP MP Murray Rankin called a "transparent effort to change the channel." Now, MPs are hinting that there will be action taken Tuesday afternoon to, according to Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, "show Canadians the gravity of the situation."

Once the meeting wrapped up, opposition MPs burst through the committee doors and blasted the Liberals for ending the study.

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