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Islamic State on verge of defeat in Syria as 300 militants cornered in village

Today 02:24 GMT

This is the last speck of land held by the Islamic State group — a patch along the Euphrates River in eastern Syria where an estimated 300 militants are mixed in with hundreds of civilians, refusing to surrender and trying to negotiate an exit with the U.S.-backed forces surrounding them.

The ID cards of two men from Aleppo province, including a 30-year old father of a 3-year-old; a teddy bear; and not far away a torn copy of “Milestones on the Road,” a seminal book from the 1960s by Egyptian radical Islamic Sayyid Qutb that has been a major influence on jihadi groups around the world.

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Source: Global News

U.S.-backed fighters close in on last Islamic State enclave in eastern Syria

Sunday 14:28 GMT

U.S.-backed fighters in Syria are poised to capture Islamic State’s last, tiny enclave on the Euphrates, the battle commander said on Saturday, bringing its self-declared caliphate to the brink of total defeat.

Kurdish forces weaken final push on ISIS territory in Syria after discovery of civilians. Trump has sworn to pull U.S. forces from Syria after Islamic State’s territorial defeat, raising questions over the fate of Washington’s Kurdish allies and Turkish involvement in northeast Syria.

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More Brexit embarrassment for May as parliament defeats her again

Saturday 08:04 GMT

Prime Minister Theresa May suffered a defeat on her Brexit strategy on Thursday that undermined her pledge to European Union leaders to get her divorce deal approved if they grant her concessions.

May’s spokesman said she still believed parliament wanted her to keep pressing for changes to the Brexit deal: “The government will continue to pursue this with the EU to ensure we leave on time on 29th March.”

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How Brexit revealed four new political factions

Saturday 14:29 GMT

The patterns on key Brexit votes reveal the emergence of four cross-party political factions that are wrangling for control of the negotiations.

Search for your MP to see which faction they were most closely aligned with as the Brexit votes unfolded. Here each MP is represented by a circle () and grouped by party, but key Brexit votes have upended traditional party politics and seen the formation of new cross-party alliances.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte