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Source: Washington Post

This is the church where Robert E. Lee declared himself a sinner. Should it keep his name?

Wednesday 17:19 GMT

Could “R.E. Lee Memorial Church” commemorate the post-war fence-mender who had led their church and city out of destitution?

Church debates about the name have focused on the fact that Lee chose after the war ended not to continue — as some Southerners wanted — an insurgency, and instead to move on, “to try and rebuild and reconcile and repair damage he had no small part in creating,” said David Cox, a historian of Lee, a former rector and current member of the parish.

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Source: Fox News

Texas declares state of disaster for 30 counties ahead of storm

Today 08:06 GMT

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott declared a state of disaster for 30 counties Wednesday ahead of the expected landfall of the former Tropical Storm Harvey.

Abbott ordered the Texas Division of Emergency Management's State Operations Center to elevate its readiness level in preparation for the storm's arrival. The remnants of Harvey have reformed in the southern Gulf of Mexico, prompting the National Hurricane Center to issue hurricane, tropical storm and storm-surge watches Wednesday for parts of the Texas coast.

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