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Hurricane Michael prompts Alabama to declare state of emergency

Tuesday 10:52 GMT

A state of emergency was issued in Alabama on Monday as "dangerous" Hurricane Michael continues to barrel toward the U.S., with the potential to hit the Florida Panhandle mid-week.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey on Monday declared a state of emergency for the entire state as the storm pushes its way toward the southern U.S.. "Alabama is once again in the path of a hurricane, but I know Alabamians will once again come together and be prepared for whatever Michael may bring,” Ivey stated. The governor noted that while state officials are prepared for the storm, she said "now is the time for residents in south Alabama to review your emergency preparedness plans and also get prepared" — warning that those in Michael's path "will need to take shelter by [Tuesday] evening."

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Cameroon vote counting continues, opposition declares victory

Wednesday 10:52 GMT

I have received a clear mandate from the Cameroonian people," said Kamto, who was one of seven opposition candidates who ran against Cameroon's longtime president Paul Biya.

Vote counting is still underway and the electoral body had initially announced that the full tally could take until October 22. Only the Constitutional Council can declare the results, Paul Atanga Nji, minister of the territorial administrations, announced.

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After Dow nosedives, Trump declares "the Fed has gone crazy"

Thursday 21:51 GMT

President Trump declared that the Federal Reserve "has gone crazy," in response to a question about about the markets after the Dow closed more than 830 points down Wednesday.

Mr. Trump, asked by reporters in Pennsylvania if he's worried about the sell-off, said he's not and launched into his frustrations with the Fed. On Tuesday, the president said he doesn't like the Fed's decision to continue to hike interest rates, something he's said before.

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Source: The Guradian

Salvadoran priest Oscar Romero to be declared saint by Pope Francis

Friday 03:20 GMT

Oscar Romero, the Salvadoran priest who championed social justice for the poor and dispossessed, will be proclaimed a saint by Pope Francis in a canonisation ceremony in Rome on Sunday, almost four decades after he was assassinated by a rightwing death squad.

It was not until after the election of a leftist president in El Salvador in 2009 and Pope Francis becoming pope in 2013 that the issue of Romero’s canonisation was “pulled out of the deep-freeze”. The former archbishop was “revered and reviled, loved and loathed” in El Salvador, “and that continues to be the case in a country which is still deeply polarised,” she said.

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From The Hunger Games to Utøya and The Hate U Give: how cinema declared war on the young

Saturday 08:05 GMT

The last YA story to have the impact of The Hate U Give was another tale of licensed violence against the young – The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, which had its 10th anniversary last month.

• The Hate U Give is in cinemas from 22 October and Utøya – July 22 from 26 October and premiering at the BFI London film festival on 12 October.

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We declare summer over, fall is here, and it’s about darn time

Saturday 20:00 GMT

Now that autumn has unambiguously arrived, continue monitoring our coverage of the evolving fall foliage and yes, soon, outlooks for winter.

Temperatures slowly fall from the 80s in August through the 70s by late September and eventually work their way into the 60s by mid-October. But after such a long and humid summer, the consensus among our readers is that they are more than ready for the crisp, refreshing autumn air.

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