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Source: DW

UN: End child labor by 2025

Saturday 14:31 GMT

The international community has pledged to accelerate efforts to eradicate child labor by 2025 at a major UN conference in Buenos Aires.

The declaration spells out concrete actions aimed at eliminating child labor by 2025 and forced labor by 2030, as well as steps to improve employment opportunities for young people around the world. "We hope that Buenos Aires will be the place where the international community takes measures so as not to tolerate the intolerable," Ryder said, adding that while there had been significant progress over the past 20 years, it is time "to do more and to do it better."

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Source: Fox News

Family of NYC jogger brutally killed in 2016 watches video of alleged killer's confession

Wednesday 02:27 GMT

The parents of a New York City woman brutally killed in August 2016 watched video of her alleged killer explain to investigators how he murdered their daughter.

Through tears, Vetrano’s mom clutched a golden crucifix as she watched footage of Lewis’ confession played at a pre-trial hearing. Lewis could be seen describing how he was mad to the point of seeing red and grabbed Vetrano as she ran past him through a marshy swamp.

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