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Man who ran at New Zealand mosque gunman hailed as a hero


Aziz, 48, is being hailed as a hero for preventing more deaths during Friday prayers at the Linwood mosque in Christchurch after leading the gunman in a cat-and-mouse chase before scaring him into speeding away in his car.

WATCH: Terrorism and security expert weighs in on impacts of New Zealand mosque attacks. The gunman killed 49 people after attacking two mosques in the deadliest mass shooting in New Zealand’s modern history.

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Amber Alert cancelled after boy abducted by mother from Edmonton school found safe


The Edmonton Police Service cancelled an Amber Alert originally issued Friday night for an eight-year-old boy who they say was abducted by his mother from Waverley Elementary School on Friday afternoon.

Toronto man found guilty of abducting daughter in 2016 incident that triggered Amber Alert. Police initially said the boy was abducted in the area of 68 Street and 89 Avenue at 2:50 p.m.

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Dark Poutine podcast recap: Colin Thatcher and the murder of JoAnn Wilson

Wednesday 10:51 GMT

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The body was that of JoAnn Wilson, ex-wife of Thatcher, a Saskatchewan MLA, former energy minister and son of the province’s ninth premier.

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Trump remains in the dark on Mueller report as White House prepares to respond

Saturday 14:29 GMT

As Washington waited in collective anticipation on Friday for the expected imminent transfer of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report to the Department of Justice, President Donald Trump also said he was in the dark about the timing.

Trump repeated a political argument that he made on Wednesday, suggesting that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller, and Mueller himself, had no basis to issue a report judging him because neither had received a single vote compared to the millions who had given him his election victory.

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Franco’s shadow: reburial battle sees Spain confront its darkest days

Today 07:08 GMT

“It doesn’t matter what people say – it’s not a question of reopening old wounds, it’s about closing up wounds that have been kept open by forgetting the crimes of Francoism and forgetting its victims.”

The graveyard, which sits at the end of a bus route less than an hour from Madrid, lacks the baleful scale of Franco’s current resting place. If the socialist government’s long and fraught campaign to exhume Francisco Franco from the fascist splendour of the Valley of the Fallen finally succeeds, his body will be reinterred in June here in the humbler surroundings of the Mingorrubio-El Pardo municipal cemetery.

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No food, no shelter, no livelihood: families in Mozambique hit by Cyclone Idai

Today 14:28 GMT

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said yesterday it would have to wait until the floodwaters recede until it knew the full expanse of the toll on the people of Mozambique, while the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) warned that cases of cholera have now been reported in Beira.

Beneath the crumbling arcade of the municipal council building in Beira, in Mozambique, a group of families has set up a dismal camp.

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