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Maxine Waters Calls for Trump Impeachment: 'He Is Dangerous,' Aligned With Putin

Friday 20:01 GMT

Rep. Maxine Waters said late Wednesday that Democrats who are acting sheepish about impeaching President Trump may be doing so out of fear of a "revolt." MSNBC host Chris Hayes said Trump was "all but accused of committing a federal felony" in the Michael Cohen case before the U.S. Attorney's Office in Lower Manhattan.

WATCH: Tucker Rips Rep. Ted Lieu for Saying He'd 'Love to Regulate Content of Speech'. Former DOJ Official: I Don't Think Payments to Women Were Campaign Finance Violations. Waters referred to a recent Reuters interview in which Trump said he is "not concerned" about impeachment because "I think people would revolt if that happened." Waters continued to rip Trump, adding that he "loves dictators" and "aligned himself with the enemy, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Amazon’s strategy to foil porch pirates with facial recognition hints at a ‘dangerous future,’ critics say

Sunday 11:44 GMT

The retail giant filed for a patent in November on a new feature for its Ring video doorbells that would use facial recognition software to identify “suspicious persons” near a customer’s front door. Such people could then be added to a database of “suspicious” people, the patent showed, according to the Telegraph.

Some say Amazon’s possible use of facial recognition software represents an “unprecedented” threat to civil liberties and racial justice. “Amazon is dreaming of a dangerous future, with its technology at the center of a massive decentralized surveillance network, running real-time facial recognition on members of the public using cameras installed in people’s doorbells,” wrote Jacob Snow, technology and civil liberties attorney at the ACLU of Northern California on Wednesday.

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