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Strictly's Seann and Katya through


One outraged viewer tweeted: "Cannot believe seann and katya got through, what a great advertisement for cheating!?!". Others said it was the right decision, with one tweeting: ""Yyyaaaayyy glad to see Seann and Katya made it through," adding it "is no one else's business" and not for "Twitter to play judge and executioner!!".

Peaking at 11.9 million viewers, it had an audience share of 51.2% and was the most-watched show across all channels on Saturday, according to overnight ratings.

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U.S. to Reduce Use of Monitors in Corporate Settlements


Government-imposed monitors, a tool used to ensure that companies’ efforts to improve their compliance are in line with corporate criminal settlements, may become less commonplace, according to new guidance issued by the U.S. Justice Department.

During the past five years, about one-third of corporate criminal settlements coming through the Justice Department’s Fraud Section involved imposing a monitor.

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Revealed: US moves to keep endangered species discussions secret

Friday 08:05 GMT

“I think what you are seeing right now from Interior Department political leadership and by extension Fish and Wildlife Service leadership,” said Yogin Kothari, a staffer at the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Center for Science and Democracy, “is an attempt to leave no stone unturned to undermine the implementation of the Endangered Species Act.”

The Trump administration is moving to restrict the release of information about its decisions on endangered species, according to a confidential internal document obtained by the Guardian.

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A hundred days later, has Russia's $14bn World Cup investment paid off?

Today 08:59 GMT

Russia is not a footballing country, the former trainer for the national side Leonid Slutsky infamously alleged in 2016.

The band brought in more than 65,000 fans to a concert at St Petersburg Arena on Friday, possibly the biggest concert in Russia since the days of the Soviet Union. In Ekaterinburg, there was a minor scandal after reports the stadium would rent out space to companies for new year parties, a boozy holiday tradition that struck some as undignified for a stadium that cost nearly a quarter of a billion dollars.

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