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Source: Fox News

Harvard sued for 'exploiting' early photos of slaves, asked to pay damages to woman who says she's next of kin

Thursday 23:39 GMT

Harvard University is being sued for “shamelessly” making a profit from photos of two 19th-century slaves despite requests to turn the photographs over to the slaves' descendants. Tamara Lanier filed a lawsuit against the institution Wednesday for “wrongful seizure, possession and expropriation” of images she claims features two of her ancestors.

“How long will it be before Harvard finally frees Renty?”. Crump said the case would allow Harvard to “remove the stain from its legacy” and show it has the courage “to finally atone for slavery.”

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Source: Reuters

Missouri River towns face deluge as floods move downstream

Friday 02:25 GMT

(Reuters) - A string of small Missouri towns prepared for the next deluge along the raging Missouri River on Wednesday after flooding wreaked nearly $1.5 billion in damage in Nebraska, killing at least four people and leaving another man missing.

High water unleashed by last week’s late-winter storm and melting snow has already inundated a large swath of Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa along the Missouri River, North America’s longest river.

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