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Jim Scholefield Leaves Nike for Top Tech and Digital Job at Merck

Friday 20:02 GMT

Jim Scholefield is leaving as Nike Inc.’s global CIO to join Merck & Co. as chief information and digital officer, effective Oct. 29.

With the hiring of Mr. Scholefield, Merck has expanded the role of its top technology executive to encompass digital business strategy as well as IT operations. That includes building and using emerging technologies “to drive efficiencies, strengthen the security of our infrastructure and support the company’s growth,” a spokeswoman told CIO Journal.

1 Article
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The Morning Ledger: SEC Calls for Better Controls as Cyber Scams Climb

Thursday 10:52 GMT

Public companies that are easy targets of cyber scams could be in violation of accounting rules that call for firms to safeguard assets, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said Tuesday.

Human error: SEC officials underscored that many of the scams the companies faced weren’t technologically sophisticated but preyed on “weaknesses in policies and procedures and human vulnerabilities,” according to the report.

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