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Students caught in the Florida school shooting chronicled their trauma on social media

Sunday 20:56 GMT

Social media has allowed the world to watch as horrific events, like the shootings at a south Florida high school that left 17 dead this past week, unfold in real time.

Gordon Gow, an associate professor of communication at the University of Alberta, notes that the images and videos of the Florida school shooting on social media lack the same filters as mainstream media coverage, which is part of what makes them so potent.

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Source: Fox News

Nikolas Cruz investigated after Snapchat cutting video, but not considered a threat, report shows

Tuesday 14:32 GMT

Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz was investigated by social services and mental health professionals in 2016 after his disturbing Snapchat videos were uncovered — but the teen avoided hospitalization and was deemed not to be a threat to himself or others.

BUT WARNING SIGNS MISSED. The report found Cruz suffered from ADHD, depression and autism and was taking medication and receiving counseling.

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NRA backlash: These are the companies cutting ties

Today 05:12 GMT

Several companies are ending their ties to the National Rifle Association in the wake of last week’s massacre at a Florida high school that left 17 dead.

It released a statement on Twitter saying, “We value all our customers but have decided to end our discount program with the NRA.”

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