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Turkish lira weakens anew; Haven currencies gain on rising political tensions

Today 15:27 GMT

Haven currencies like the Japanese yen gained on Tuesday as tensions across the globe pushed investors to assets perceived as safe.

The Turkish lira weakened against the dollar in the face of these developments and one dollar last bought 5.7698 lira, up 1.8% from Monday, but down from a session high of 5.8692 earlier, which represented a six-day high, according to FactSet. The developments around Khashoggi’s death have injected some volatility into oil futures US:CLX8. Meanwhile the coalition partner of Erdogan’s ruling AKP, Justice and Development party — the MHP, or nationalist Movement Party — said it wouldn’t ally with its partner for upcoming local elections.

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Is blockchain living up to the hype?

Today 13:36 GMT

As we approach Bitcoin's 10th anniversary at the end of this month, we ask whether blockchain - the technology underpinning the cryptocurrency - is fulfilling its promise, or a tech still looking for a better reason to exist.

David Gerard, author of Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain, blames the hype on the cryptocurrency gold rush that has seen billions flow into the hundreds of digital currencies now on the market.

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