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Source: The Guradian

Zimbabwe police fire live rounds during general strike protests

Tuesday 12:39 GMT

Police in Zimbabwe have fired live ammunition and teargas during running battles with groups of young people trying to enforce a nationwide shutdown to protest against the rising cost of living.

Zimbabweans are haunted by memories of the Zimbabwean dollar, which became worthless as inflation spiralled to reach 500 billion per cent in 2008, the highest rate in the world for a country not at war, wiping out pensions and savings.

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Source: BBC

Where you wait seven hours and still get no fuel

Wednesday 11:46 GMT

In our series of letters from African writers the journalist and lawyer Brian Hungwe reflects on the impact of inflation on the lives of Zimbabweans, where the price of fuel has more than doubled in an effort to deal with a shortage.

By the time I got to within 100m to the petrol pump - about five cars ahead of me - it was an hour before midnight, but the fuel attendants suddenly shut the pumps, packed up their bags and left.

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Source: BBC

How does Brexit affect the pound?

Wednesday 14:30 GMT

During the past two years, the pound has had a rough time of things when it comes to its price against the dollar and other currencies.

Since 1992, the pound has floated freely on currency markets, meaning that traders - buyers and sellers - determine what it's worth. While Britons living abroad but drawing a UK pension have suffered as the pound has declined.

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Corruption Currents: Criminals Use Fortnite Currency to Launder Money

Wednesday 17:15 GMT

(AFP, Yahoo). Portugal's parliament widened a "golden visa" program that observers have said is a vehicle for money laundering.

Authorities arrested the former manager of a cooperative society for his alleged involvement in money laundering through hawala. (ET, PTI, MC, TI, TOI, DP). Iran has begun exploring new uranium enrichment, signaling more danger for the nuclear deal.

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US service members killed in suicide blast in Syria, officials say

Thursday 14:31 GMT

Multiple U.S. service members were among those killed by a suicide blast that struck near a U.S.-led coalition patrol in Syria on Wednesday, a military official said.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the blast, saying one of its members carried out a suicide attack and detonated his vest with explosives. The Observatory and the Kurdish-led Manbij Military Council, which runs the town, also said a suicide bomber was involved but did not immediately have any further details.

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Source: The Guradian

Bitcoin as big oil: the next environmental fight

Friday 08:59 GMT

One day, Bitcoin will become big oil, and all who dabble in it will be reborn as enemies of the environmental movement, seen as plunderers of the planet and the bad guys in the fight against climate change – just like oil.

The cryptocurrency world is bigger than mining, just as the vaguely defined big oil is more than those who extract crude.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte