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Powerful video warns of the danger of autonomous ‘slaughterbot’ drone swarms

Today 03:21 GMT

Produced by a University of California, Berkeley professor, the short film offers a prescriptive glance at a future where autonomous drone swarms have become the norm, with dire consequences for global security and stability.

The video, produced in association with the Future of Life Institute, begins with an actor portraying a weapons industry CEO, unveiling a new kind of autonomous drone weapons system.

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Source: NBC News

Not into Black Friday Here are some opt-out alternatives

Friday 11:47 GMT

Though Black Friday deals are designed to attract shoppers, there are a plethora of other activities around the nation for those who’d like to get away for the weekend or indulge in fewer crowds and more serenity.

Boston offers a more interactive activity for Black Friday at its annual Friday After Thanksgiving (F.A.T.) Chain Reaction Event, which encourages people to form teams and construct a linked contraption that will eventually be knocked down in a cascading domino effect.

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Source: Fox News

NYPD to use secret weapon at Thanksgiving Day Parade: 'Vapor Wake' retrievers

Friday 07:01 GMT

The NYPD is doubling down on a new breed of security to defend the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade: an elite team of Labrador retrievers specially trained to detect explosives on roving targets in large crowds.

"You will see our vapor wake dogs and other canine dogs on both the balloons and during the route," NYPD Chief of Patrol Terence Monahan told ABC 7.. The Thanksgiving Day Parade will be a significant stress test for the Vapor Wake dogs.

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