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Suze Orman says you need $5 million to retire — which is nonsense

Saturday 23:39 GMT

Author and personal-finance guru Suze Orman ruffled a lot of feathers in a recent podcast, saying that people need $5 million — maybe even $10 million — in order to retire.

Orman was responding to a question about the “financial independence, retire early,” or “FIRE,” movement, a growing online trend in which people in their 30s or younger just stop working. Generally, these folks aim much lower — more like $1 million or so — then adjust their cost of living downward.

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Woman, 21, opens up about sex life with 74-year-old fiancé

Saturday 18:09 GMT

The couple will have to marry in a registry office as the local church does not marry couples with an age gap of over 15 years.

I've known Mikan all my life, my neighbors and I used to help him when he was sick, that's when our love was born,” the bride-to-be revealed. She said her only sadness was that her parents were disappointed with her choice as she had always enjoyed their support.

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How this couple paid off more than $100,000 in debt

Saturday 08:04 GMT

As their relationship turned romantic, the Duluth, Minnesota, couple blended their budgets and began tackling debt as a team.

(With debt snowball, you pay off the smallest debt first, then roll the amount you were paying toward your bigger debts.) Jamie: Seeing a mountain of debt and being able to chip away at it and celebrate successes along the way was really motivating for us.

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