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Source: Global News

U.S. deficit grows to $779 billion — a 17 per cent increase over last year


The U.S. government closed the 2018 fiscal year $779 billion in the red, its highest deficit in six years, as Republican-led tax cuts pinched revenues and expenses rose on a growing national debt, according to data released on Monday by the Treasury Department.

Donald Trump claims, again, U.S. has trade deficit with Canada — after admitting he made it up. New government spending also expanded the federal deficit for the 12 months through September, the first full annual budget on the watch of U.S. President Donald Trump.

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Source: DW

Russian President Vladimir Putin reports 700 hostages seized by IS in Syria

Friday 08:06 GMT

Russian President Vladimir Putin said IS fighters have captured hundreds of hostages, including several US and European nationals.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Islamic State (IS) militants had seized almost 700 hostages in a part of Syria controlled by US-backed forces. Speaking at an international policy forum in the Black Sea resort of Sochi on Thursday, Putin said some of the hostages had been executed and that IS had promised it would kill more.

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