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No-deal Brexit ferry contract scrapped

Tuesday 12:40 GMT

The government has axed its no-deal Brexit contract with a ferry company which had no ships, after the Irish company backing the deal pulled out.

The government was criticised for choosing Seaborne Freight, a company with no ships or trading history, and for leaving too little time to establish the new ferry service before the Brexit deadline of 29 March. And local politicians in both Ramsgate and Ostend warned that the ports at both ends of the route will not be ready the deadline.

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Source: BBC

Government sued over no-deal ferry contracts

Wednesday 10:50 GMT

The government is being sued for its decision to charter firms to run extra ferries, including one with no ships, in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

At a High Court hearing in London, Eurotunnel claimed the government contracts, announced on 29 December, were awarded without any public notice. Eurotunnel's barrister Daniel Beard QC said Eurotunnel only found out "when contract notices were published three days after Christmas".

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Source: Fox News

Military families warn of unsafe housing: rats, toxic mold and more

Thursday 22:45 GMT

Military families testified Wednesday about "slum-like" conditions in some privatized base housing that they allege contributes to disease and birth defects.

Crystal Cornwall, a Marine spouse and member of the Safe Military Housing Initiative, appeared before Senate lawmakers to describe her experience with families who live in unsuitable conditions, in homes built by private contractors on military bases.

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Los Angeles city council passes ordinance requiring contractors to disclose ties with NRA

Friday 15:26 GMT

In a unanimous decision, the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday passed an ordinance that requires companies who do work with the city to disclose if they have any ties to the National Rifle Association.

Which follows similar ones passed by the council requiring contractors to disclose any involvement in the construction of President Trump’s proposed border wall and any past investments in or profits from slavery – has already drawn protests from gun rights activists and threats of a lawsuit.

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Taxpayers are right to question incentives for economic development — and not just for Amazon

Friday 20:00 GMT

New York offered Amazon close to $3 billion to build a “second” headquarters in Long Island City on the promise of 25,000 jobs.

This was first published on The Conversation — “Amazon HQ2: Texas experience shows why New Yorkers were right to be skeptical”.

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