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Source: Fox News

Yuma, Ariz., at breaking point over asylum seekers, officials say

Wednesday 23:40 GMT

The Border Patrol in Yuma had processed more than 1,000 migrants, mostly families and minors, in the last three days, according to azcentral.com

Nicholls said shelter organizers were saying that they had reached capacity after Border Patrol officials announced they were planning to release an additional 120 more migrants from detention. McSally wants her Democratic colleagues to join her in Yuma so they can see for themselves the stress local communities are enduring.

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Source: Global News

Police, emergency services continue to report misuse of the 9-1-1 system

Thursday 20:01 GMT

A Burlington man was arrested Tuesday after Halton Regional Police responded to a 9-1-1 call claiming a woman had been shot.

“When you call on 9-1-1 for something that is not an emergency, it ties up that dispatcher so that they are not answering another 9-1-1 that can come in,” said Christina Votipka, a Las Vegas based 9-1-1 dispatcher and trainer. Votipka say she’s been repeatedly called asking for the current time, having been told by one person: “I know you’ve got a clock in there.”

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