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Should I sell my $565,000 duplex and invest the money—or continue to collect rent?

Today 16:21 GMT

A real estate agent has suggested selling it for $565,000, as a duplex, or converting it to condominiums and selling each for $300,000.

The main question is whether I would get a better return by selling the duplex and investing the money or by keeping the property and collecting rent. The recent market volatility has me wondering how I would invest the sales proceeds.

1 Article
Source: Global News

Certain books continue to cause an uproar in Canadian education — here’s why

Saturday 15:25 GMT

According to Freedom to Read, an organization that tracks banned and challenged books in Canadian libraries and schools, the 1960 Harper Lee novel has been the subject of high school controversy several times.

A teacher told the Post they found the memo “intimidating,” and that they worry about other books being challenged, too. When deciding on the text, the memo asks teachers to consider if they’ve studied race and racism, and have “done the work or engaged in activities to reveal/interrogate [their] biases.”

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte