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Source: DW

SPD members begin voting on next Merkel-led German government

Today 14:32 GMT

Read more: Future German government under Merkel no laughing matter on political roast day. Yet even as both the conservative and Social Democratic leaderships seek approval of the coalition deal, there has been criticism among some prominent CDU members of the SPD member referendum.

Others, including some political scientists, have questioned whether it's constitutional to give SPD members what amounts to a right of veto over the next government.

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Source: The Week

How politics can influence what you buy

Saturday 18:12 GMT

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Conservatism leads consumers to purchase products "that signal they are better than others," while liberalism spurs them to buy brands "that signal they are unique from others," write Nailya Ordabayeva of Boston College and Daniel Fernandes of the Catholic University of Portugal.

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Source: The Guradian

As Peter Thiel ditches Silicon Valley for LA, locals tout 'conservative renaissance'

Saturday 23:41 GMT

If the billionaire tech investor and noted libertarian Peter Thiel really does leave Silicon Valley for Los Angeles to escape what he views as an increasing intolerance for conservatives, the city’s growing community of conservatives will be there to welcome him.

“Leaders in Silicon Valley who believe in building a diverse, equitable industry have not only a right, but an obligation to challenge others in positions of influence who undermine those goals.”

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