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Source: New York Times

Puerto Rican Families in Hotels Face Uncertainty and Confusion as Deadline Looms

Tuesday 10:51 GMT

Nearly 4,000 families spread across 40 states and Puerto Rico remain in hotels under FEMA’s transitional sheltering assistance program, federal officials said.

The fourth floor of the Red Roof Inn felt like a city block on a recent Friday night, as families spilled from their rooms into the hallway. Doors were propped open.

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Source: NBC News

'Today was different': Douglas High teacher describes confusion then terror

Friday 05:12 GMT

Gard's math class at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, was just finishing up a review for a test Wednesday when "the fire alarm went off, which I thought was unusual because we'd just had a fire drill."

Melissa Fulkowski, an English and journalism teacher, told a similar story — she and her class evacuated because of the fire alarm but returned to the classroom when the code red was declared.

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Source: Fox News

Olympic fans confused, upset with NBC for not airing historic figure skating moment in primetime broadcast

Saturday 11:47 GMT

With everyone excited to tune into NBC’s coverage of the men’s figure skating competition on Thursday’s primetime broadcast, they were upset to see skiing on the network rather than the record-setting performance by American skater Vincent Zhou.

Commentator Johnny Weir explained to fans that all 30 of the men competing in the skating competition would be broadcast on NBC Sports Network, with highlights to be shown at a later time on the regular network.

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