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Yemen’s warring parties hold direct talks after 4 years of devastating conflict

Today 06:04 GMT

Yemen‘s warring parties held the first direct talks in U.N.-led peace efforts in Sweden on Sunday to iron out a prisoner swap, one of several confidence-building measures intended to help launch a political process to end nearly four years of conflict.

The parties have yet to agree on trickier issues such as re-opening Sanaa airport and a truce in the port city of Hodeidah, both held by the Houthis, both further confidence-building measures that are the focus of the talks in addition to a framework for negotiations.

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Yemen is 'the biggest humanitarian disaster in the world'

Friday 11:46 GMT

The United Nations has repeatedly employed drastic language to emphasize that Yemen is currently the biggest humanitarian disaster in the world.

What began four years ago as a civil war in Yemen has now become a war of proxy and intervention, especially between the Middle Eastern powers Saudi Arabia and Iran. That in itself shows how hardened the sides have become — at the expense of all of the people in the middle.

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Canada’s premiers bring conflicting agendas to meeting with Trudeau

Saturday 17:16 GMT

READ MORE: Doug Ford prepared to walk away from Canada’s first ministers’ meeting, cites agenda issues. In addition to trade and the economy, Trudeau said: “Of course, today the premiers and I will talk about how we can best support Canadians working in sectors that are currently facing significant challenges, whether they’re oil and gas workers in Alberta hit hard by the price differential or GM workers in Oshawa.” For Alberta’s NDP Premier Rachel Notley, “the single most important economic issue facing the country” is the crisis in the oil and gas industry, caused by slumping prices linked to her province’s inability to get its resources to ports for shipment overseas.

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