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Conflict Zone: 'It's the violations of human rights we are talking about'

Monday 22:44 GMT

35 guests in 23 cities around the world: 2018 was a busy year for Conflict Zone, DW's flagship political interview program.

This was the first time Conflict Zone conducted an interview in front of an audience, as part of a foreign policy forum in Berlin, and it was one of the season's final highlights.

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Italian MEP Marco Zanni of far right League party on Conflict Zone

Thursday 17:15 GMT

Pressed on his party’s migrant policies and support of Russia, Italian MEP Marco Zanni, of the far right League abruptly stopped the recording and walked off the set.

Speaking to Tim Sebastian on DW's Conflict Zone, Zanni said the League was concerned about the effect of migration on ordinary Italians: "Economic theory shows that uncontrolled and illegal migration flows have an impact … not only in terms of a down pressure on real wages but also on the money that government has to spend in order to create refugee camps."

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300 babies die in war zones every day, Save the Children reports

Today 04:14 GMT

Some 300 babies worldwide die daily due to the effects of war, Save the Children has estimated in an analysis focused on 2017.

War zone acts including denial of aid, damage to hospitals and outright attacks killed 100,000 babies every year in the world's 10 worst conflict-affected countries, the international charity Save the Children said on the eve of Munich's Security Conference. And, one-in-five children were living in zones impacted by conflict, more than any time in the past two decades, said the report.

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