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Trump's support for Israel on Golan Heights separates him from 2020 Dems: Tom Bevan

Today 08:04 GMT

President Trump has made yet another move to strengthen the relationship between the U.S. and Israel, one that may also serve as a political calculation going into 2020, Real Clear Politics co-founder Tom Bevan argued Thursday.

Earlier in the day, Trump declared that the Golan Heights territory belongs to Israel, tweeting that the disputed area has “critical strategic and security importance” to the Jewish state.

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House of Commons voting marathon ends, after Liberals nearly lost a confidence motion

Today 08:59 GMT

Since any vote involving government spending is automatically a confidence vote, Liberals were required to be out in force throughout the all-night, all-day voting marathon to avoid potential defeat of the government.

MPs continue voting marathon as Conservative protest shutdown of SNC-Lavalin probe. Assistant deputy speaker Anthony Rota, an Ontario Liberal then in the chair, cited a Commons rule to say that it’s not the speaker’s duty to police whether members were in the chamber at the critical time to be eligible to vote.

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EU leaders set Brexit deadlines after losing confidence in Theresa May’s plan

Today 18:08 GMT

Isolated at home and abroad, British Prime Minister Theresa May was labouring against the odds Friday to win backers in Parliament for her unloved Brexit deal — to a timetable dictated by the European Union.

WATCH: The fate of Brexit is in the hands of our British friends, Donald Tusk says. At marathon late night talks in Brussels, they rejected May’s request to extend the Brexit deadline from March 29 until June 30.

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England 5-0 Czech Republic: Gareth Southgate's side live up to the hype

Today 18:09 GMT

England's years of living down to expectations are over - now the difficult part will be keeping a lid on the rising hopes and anticipation surrounding Gareth Southgate's exciting young side.

As Wembley rose in unison at the end of this emphatic 5-0 thrashing of the Czech Republic there was the sense that Russia was simply the start of something very special for England and this emerging generation of players.

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