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Source: The Guradian

The Clockwork Condition: lost sequel to A Clockwork Orange discovered

Thursday 17:16 GMT

A lost “sequel” to Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange, in which the author explores the moral panic that followed the release of Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation of his novel, has been found among papers he abandoned in his home near Rome in the 1970s.

The unfinished manuscript of The Clockwork Condition was written by Burgess in 1972 and 1973, after Kubrick’s 1971 adaptation of A Clockwork Orange was accused of inspiring copycat crimes, and was banned for decades.

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Source: BBC

Unseen Clockwork Orange 'sequel' found

Thursday 23:40 GMT

A previously unseen manuscript for a follow-up to writer Anthony Burgess's novel A Clockwork Orange has been unearthed in his archive.

In it, Burgess addressed the controversy surrounding director Stanley Kubrick's 1971 movie adaptation of A Clockwork Orange. The cult film, starring Malcolm McDowell as Alex, the violence-obsessed central character and narrator, was accused of inspiring violent copycat crimes and was banned by local councils in the UK.

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Source: DW

Vegetative state: Years of minimal consciousness

Thursday 23:39 GMT

It sounds like a medical miracle: Emirati woman Munira Abdulla was in a vegetative state for 27 years — and now she's home with her family and able to communicate with loved ones again.

Abdulla, the woman in a vegetative state for 27 years, was treated with a combination of physical therapy, medicine, operations and sensory stimulation. Doctors took a holistic approach to her treatment, controlling her muscle contractions with an exoskeleton at times, adjusting her medication, and taking her outside to hear songbirds.

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Source: The Guradian

Greta Thunberg teaches us about autism as much as climate change

Tuesday 20:01 GMT

She reminds us not only of the urgent need to confront climate change, but also to tackle the intolerant attitudes that still dismiss far too many people for nonconformity and thinking outside the box.

Four years ago, she was diagnosed with Asperger’s, on the autism spectrum, which helps explain her remorseless focus on the core issue of climate change after overcoming depression. Thunberg’s parents say their daughter, once painfully introverted, was always a bit different to other children.

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