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Source: New York Times

If Only Quoting Women Were Enough

Sunday 16:20 GMT

Sara McLaughlin Mitchell, a University of Iowa political scientist, found that women in academia are more likely to get stuck in less prestigious jobs or leave their fields entirely because of structural gender issues like citation biases, straightforward sexism and pressure on women to do committee work while men get to devote time to their research.

Last November, over 200 women in national security signed an open letter warning that sexual assault, harassment and “environments that silence, demean, belittle or neglect women” were driving their female colleagues from the field.

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Source: Washington Post

Rob Porter ex Jennie Willoughby: ‘The truth exists whether the President accepts it or not’

Tuesday 01:32 GMT

When Jennie Willoughby went public with the physical and emotional abuse she allegedly suffered in her marriage to former White House aid Rob Porter, the ex-schoolteacher found herself catapulted into a media and political storm.

“Thankfully, my strength and worth are not dependent on outside belief — the truth exists whether the President accepts it or not,” Willoughby wrote. Willoughby, who was married to Porter from 2009 to 2013, argued in her piece that Trump’s reaction synced with a larger pattern related to abuse allegations made by women toward powerful men.

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Winter Olympics: How popular are these Games?

Wednesday 11:46 GMT

South Korea might not be the most passionate winter sports country in the world, but interest is there and with every dramatic turn, slip or lunge, it is growing.

Perhaps some are being distracted by the chance to see what else South Korea has to offer, such as the normally obscure attraction of Haesindang Park, better known as "Penis Park," a monument to fertility that has been drawing crowds from the nearby Winter Olympics.

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Trump: "I am totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind"

Thursday 05:11 GMT

President Trump gave his first personal and public condemnation of domestic violence Wednesday since allegations of spousal abuse were levied last week against former White House aide Rob Porter.

The president has been criticized for failing to mention the ex-wives of Porter who have alleged domestic violence, and for failing — up to this point — to speak out publicly about domestic violence generally.

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Source: New York Times

Shaun White’s Journey Back to the Top Is Complete After Another Gold

Thursday 11:47 GMT

It was exactly noon, 12 o’clock high, when Shaun White stared down the halfpipe, looking again for the top of the world.

After a disappointing fourth place in the halfpipe at the 2014 Games, the world’s best snowboarder had to “put it down” for another Olympic gold medal. PYEONGCHANG, South Korea — It was exactly noon, 12 o’clock high, when Shaun White stared down the halfpipe, looking again for the top of the world.

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