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Source: DW

Germany: Deutsche Bahn to simplify ticket refund process, eventually

Sunday 10:49 GMT

Train passengers in Germany looking for compensation after a train delay face a cumbersome process with complicated forms and mailed original tickets.

Deutsche Bahn wants to establish a digital service to make it easier for its passengers to receive refunds for train delays. A spokesman for Germany's state-owned train company told Germany's dpa news agency that it wants customers to be able to apply for compensation digitally.

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Source: The Guradian

Victims of forced sterilisation in Japan to receive compensation and apology

Tuesday 05:09 GMT

Thousands of victims of forced sterilisation in Japan will finally be offered compensation for their suffering under a now-defunct eugenics law.

Surviving victims will soon receive a “deep apology” and lump-sum payments of 3.2 million yen (US$28,700 or £21,600) under the terms of a bill agreed between ruling party and opposition MPs, with the legislation set to be submitted to parliament next month.

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Source: Global News

Dairy farmers, supply managed sectors to get $3.9B in compensation for CETA, CPTPP – but not NAFTA

Tuesday 20:56 GMT

Canadian dairy farmers and those in other supply managed domestic sectors will get close to $4-billion in compensation to make up for the hit of new trade deals with Asia and Europe.

Previously, the Liberals had announced $250-million to help dairy farmers upgrade and modernize their farms to adjust to the impact of CETA and the increased amount of foreign dairy products that will be allowed onto Canadian shelves as a result.

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