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Penticton mass shooting neighbourhood saw dozens of bylaw complaint calls: ex-city officials

Today 18:11 GMT

An ex-bylaw enforcement official with the city of Penticton says the ex-wife of John Brittain, who was charged in connection with Monday’s shootings, had made dozens of complaints to city hall about her neighbours in recent years.

‘A heart of gold’: Victims of Penticton, B.C. shooting spree remembered. Police haven’t commented on the theory of a neighbour dispute and said they are investigating a potential motive.

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Source: The Guradian

Cannes film festival 2019: an intriguing lineup, with big-name clout

Today 18:10 GMT

Asian auteurs show exciting new work, Céline Sciamma and Mati Diop bringing verve to the festival, seasoned directors from Almodóvar to Elia Suleiman add class, and it could all kick off with Maradona. This year’s Cannes selection was unveiled under a revered image, almost a tutelary deity.

Pedro Almodóvar reasserts his freehold on Cannes with a competition entry for his new film, Pain & Glory, about the troubled life of a film director.

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Source: DW

Refugee denied payout in deportation detention case

Today 17:16 GMT

An Afghan refugee who was imprisoned by the state of Bavaria pending his deportation was denied compensation on Thursday, after a the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) overturned an earlier ruling that found his detention was illegal.

German law states that detention for deportation is illegal if the purpose of the detention can be achieved through less severe means. Foreigners can be detained for a maximum of six weeks if their deportation would otherwise be substantially impeded or frustrated.

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Source: BBC

Castle owner's £5 raffle 'unfair'

Wednesday 08:04 GMT

A woman has been rapped by the advertising watchdog for offering a Scottish castle as a raffle prize - but giving the winner a cash prize instead.

In a further post on the Win Your Castle website, Mrs DeVere blamed the raffle failure on companies such as Eventbrite and Paypal, which she claimed withdrew their support. Examples were given (of what) would happen if enough entries were not received."

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Source: The Guradian

Dragged Across Concrete review – horribly compelling Mel Gibson thriller

Today 08:59 GMT

For all its ambient nausea and cynicism, I have to admit to having been gripped a lot of the time by Dragged Across Concrete.

I should point out the critical cognitive dissonance involved in praising anything to do with the disgraced-but-not-overwhelmingly-penitent Mel Gibson. Just as with his directorial effort Apocalypto, I have to pause after each keystroke to give a yelp of resentment.

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Source: Fox News

2020 Lincoln Corsair looks to make waves in the compact luxury SUV segment

Today 08:58 GMT

Like its predecessor, the Corsair shares its platform with the Ford Escape, which is also new for 2020, but features distinctive styling and a few engineering tweaks to make it more luxurious These include an “integral bush” rear suspension system and a composite “sound wall” in the engine compartment to better insulate the cabin from noise.

Lincoln design director David Woodhouse said the Corsair's curvaceous styling is meant to be more evocative of Monica Belucci than The Predator, which comes across as an indirect shot across the bow of the radically-styled Lexus NX, one of its chief rivals.

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Source: Global News

Top Chef Canada: Eden Grinshpan, Mark McEwan on Season 7

Wednesday 12:41 GMT

‘Big Brother Canada’: 6th evicted houseguest says ‘it’s a hard pill to swallow leaving a week before jury’. More recently, Global News sat down with head judge chef Mark McEwan and host, Eden Grinshpan in Toronto to talk about how they judge such delicious plates.

‘Big Brother Canada’: 7th evicted houseguest becomes first jury member. Global News’ Katie Scott took part in the Top Chef Canada taping that day to witness (and taste) the beautiful dishes first hand.

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Source: Global News

Canadian torture survivor sues Sri Lanka minister he claims was responsible for abuses

Tuesday 19:05 GMT

The United Nations Human Rights Committee has ordered Sri Lanka to compensate Samathanam and prosecute those responsible for torturing him, but that has not happened.

During a promising lull in the Sri Lankan civil war, Roy Samathanam left Toronto and returned to the island country, which he had fled in 1990. He was handcuffed and blindfolded by counter-terrorism police, who detained and tortured him for almost three years, accusing him of involvement with the Tamil Tigers rebels.

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Source: DW

Disabled Germans can vote accompanied in EU elections

Wednesday 03:19 GMT

More than 80,000 intellectually and mentally disabled German adults gained the right to vote and will be able to cast their first ballot in this year's European elections.

In January, the high court announced that existing rules that excluded intellectually disabled people outright from exercising their right to vote was unconstitutional. Following the ruling, Germany's Bundestag introduced legislation in March, but the ruling grand coalition of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats, sister party Christian Social Union, and junior partner Social Democrats stopped short of enacting the change.

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